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Smithville Marine represents the nation’s two leading boat and pontoon trailer companies providing the highest levels of engineering and safety for your boat and your family. These same companies offer private label custom trailers for the boat manufacturers represented at Smithville Marine.

Smithville Marine maintains a select inventory of on-site inventory and works closely with ShoreLand’r and Haul-Rite to provide speedy delivery for trailers for your specific boat.

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ShoreLand’r Fishing Boat Trailers

ShoreLand’r goes above and beyond the competition in many key areas. These all add up to a trailer you can depend on year in and year out.

A trailer that will look better, last longer, and go farther, so your family can get the most out of every weekend and every summer vacation.

Advanced protection for your boat — One of the essential duties of a trailer is to protect your boat when it’s out of its element. ShoreLand’r does it with welded Uni-frame construction that provides maximum strength and less flex to ensure longer trailer life. Enclosed, Custom Molded Fenders protect your boat from road debris. Protective Pads on all cross-members protect the boat keel if contact is made during loading.

Easier Maintenance — Grease-Pack Hubs and Bearing Protectors create positive pressure to keep water and contaminants out. This prolongs bearing life and prevents breakdowns without the hassle of oil-bath systems.

Superior Finish — Whether you choose our beautiful powder-coat finish or rugged galvanized, you’ll appreciate the extra care we put into making sure your trailer looks good for the long haul.

Safety First — You need a trailer that is equipped to protect both your family and your boat in an emergency. ShoreLand’r doesn’t take any chances, featuring Disc Brakes to ensure you have the smooth stopping power you need. DOT-approved lighting keeps your boat visible at night. Heavy-duty Double Safety Chains keep the trailer secured to your tow vehicle. A Bow Eye Safety Chain keeps your boat on the trailer if the winch fails. Your safety is our first priority. Period.

Trouble-free LED Lighting System — LED Lights with three separate Fully Grounded, Plug-In Wire Harness enclosed inside the frame & tongue tubes. And our LED lights have the highest quality circuit boards sealed in epoxy and sonic welded lens to withstand a marine environment. All that adds up to a safe, trouble-free system that you can count on.

Adjustability for the Perfect Fit — The Perfect Fit means better performance both on the road and at the ramp. This is achieved with unique features like the patented, fully adjustable, and super-stylish Profile Performance winch. The axles are also adjustable to fine-tune tongue weight for perfectly balanced trailering that minimizes stress on your tow vehicle.


Haul-Rite Pontoon and Tritoon Trailers

Haul-Rite trailers are built for quality, reliability, and easy trailering. With more than 50 years of experience in the boat trailer manufacturing business, we understand the needs of dealers and customers like you and are fully committed to fulfilling those needs. When it comes to trailers, we know you have a choice.

That is why we stand behind the quality of every trailer and strive to provide an unrivaled commitment to customer service. We have the knowledge and versatility to produce a trailer to fit your every need. For a small jon boat, a custom powerboat, or anything in between, choose the trailer that’s built for the Long Haul.



Trailer Information

Contact your Smithville Marine Sales Professional for information on current trailer inventory, upcoming deliveries or custom orders.