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Mercury New Engine Models

Mercury Reliability

  Reliability. Out here, it's everything. At Mercury, we engineer, build and test reliability into all our products. We always have, and we always will. Because whether you've got four 300hp Verados spanning your transom or a 2.5hp Four-stroke on the back of your inflatable boat, consistent, reliable engine performance is a must. So before we put our outboards to the test in the real world, they endure test after test in our state-of-the-art testing center. All so you can take to the water with confidence every time, no matter what. Because when you're on the water, reliability is more than just a word. It's peace of mind.


Built-in Durability Mercury engineers all of its outboards for tough, long-lasting performance; Here are some specific examples… The Mercury Verado features a unique Long Bolt Engine Design to keep the powerhead in a state of constant compression, with rubber dampening to minimize the effects of engine vibration. Fewer parts moving means fewer chances for wear and tear. Our OptiMax family incorporates the best gearcase design priciples by featuring a heavy-duty prop shaft and Mercury-patented dual water pickups on the front end of the torpedo for a constant flow of cooling water. Every 75-115hp Mercury FourStroke features a fully filtered air intake to protect internal engine components, along with our advanced anti-drainback oil system to assure instant lubrication on start-up State-of-the-Art Test Center To help make sure our engines are the best you can buy, we test marine engines 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We monitor everything from fuel economy, horsepower, and RPM to noise and vibration levels, and everything in between. Maintenance-Free Valve Train All Verado and 75-115hp FourStroke outboard engines feature a valve train with a unique, robust, overhead cam design, making it incredibly durable and, unlike many competitors' four-strokes, maintenance-free for life. Superior Corrosion Protection Mercury engines are built with more stainless steel components, which translates to saltwater durability, longer intervals between maintenance, and lower cost of ownership. Peace of Mind Mercury's Engine Guardian system uses more than 40 sensors to monitor all the major functions of your engine. If the proactive operator-warning system detects a potential problem – such as over-revving, overheating, or low oil pressure – Engine Guardian sends out an alert and automatically reduces engine power enough to prevent damage, but still allows you to get to shore. Lasting Assurance In addition to Mercury's outstanding three-year standard warranty, all Mercury outboards come with an additional three years of our limited corrosion protection warranty as well.


2023 Mercury Fourstroke Avator 7.5e
2023 Mercury Verado 600 hp
2023 Mercury SeaPro 500 hp
2023 Mercury Verado 400 hp
2023 Mercury Verado 350 hp
2023 Mercury Verado 300 hp
2023 Mercury SeaPro 300 hp AMS
2023 Mercury SeaPro 300 hp CMS
2023 Mercury Pro XS 300 hp
2023 Mercury FourStroke 300 hp
2023 Mercury Verado 250 hp
2023 Mercury SeaPro 250 hp


2020 Mercury TDI 370 hp Diesel
2020 Mercury TDI 335 hp Diesel
2020 Mercury 350 hp Diesel
2020 Mercury 320 hp Diesel
2020 Mercury 270 hp Stern Diesel
2020 Mercury 270 hp Diesel
2020 Mercury TDI 260 hp Diesel
2020 Mercury 230 hp Stern Diesel
2020 Mercury TDI 230 hp Diesel
2020 Mercury 220 hp Diesel
2020 Mercury 170 Tier 3 Diesel
2020 Mercury 170 Tier 2 Diesel


2020 Mercury 550 Diesel
2020 Mercury 500 Diesel
2020 Mercury 480 Diesel
2020 Mercury 270 hp Inboard Diesel
2020 Mercury 230 hp Inboard Diesel